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Nivel CEO Harald Sævareid speaks to Torgeir Waterhouse during Nordic Edge Expo.

'Limiting total numbers is not an issue'

'The problems occur on local level, where digital regulation can solve the issues', Nivel CEO Harald Sævareid says to Torgeir Waterhouse during a Nordic Edge Expo talk that now is broadcasted.
Harald continues: 'If you limit the total numbers of shared scooters in a city, they will be even more densely concentrated in central areas, to maximise the revenue per scooter. As a city you want a good distribution of the mobility service. Stricter regulations in central areas will avoid the problems we have seen with over-flooded streets'  
Digital regulations enable cities take control of the public space. With powerful regulation tools comes also the discussion on the numbers of scooters to be permitted into the public realm. Our recommendation is to regulate the hotspots: on the busy town squares, outside the train station etc and let the service spread itself throughout the urban space with less regulation. 
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Nivel founders featured in TU.

Startup helps Bergen control shared e-scooters

Sophisticated control. That’s how the leading Norwegian engineering magazine Teknisk Ukeblad (TU) featured our Nivel Regulation tool early this sommer. With their story they managed going into the deep tech of the Nivel regulator tool. We will point out the most important information.

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Tidier and safer streets with digital regulations.

Nivel helps cities take advantage of shared micromobility through smart, digital regulation. Visit our website to find out how cities can get the best out of micromobility.

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